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Norms for the Promotion are as follows

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  1. The Report Card of the students will be based on the New CBSE Policy.

  2. Classes 6thto 9th will have two Term Exams apart from four Unit Tests, two in each term.

  3. Class 10 will have Mock Test and Pre-Board exam according to new CBSE policy.

  4. For Classes 9th& 11th, 40% marks must be secured in every subject to facilitate promotion.

Rules and Regulations for Unit Tests and Examination:

  1. No retest shall be conducted for a child who has missed a test.

  2. Short leave will not be granted under any circumstances on the weekly test days.

  3. In case a student writes the test and then leaves, he /she will be marked absent for that day.

  4. In an emergency, written permission should be taken from the Principal.

  5. A child using unfair means is awarded zero.

Streams Offered

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