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Director's Message


Mr. Manmeet Singh Dhillon

CBSE School Near Me, Started our journey in 2001 with a passion and commitment to achieving the overall development of our students and teachers, we have substantially met our requirements and have earned respect and a good name in the field of education. We will continue to focus on the quality standards of our students and teachers and will enhance their knowledge and skills. We are optimistic to use all our valuable resources in the coming years. Additionally, we are associated with Bollywood choreographers to unleash the hidden talent of our students. Quality and not quantity-based education adds value to it and compliments personality development and extracurricular activity amongst the students and teachers. We would like to be recognized as a quality educators keeping our ethical values in the process of education in our invaluable society. Our teachers have done commendable services towards our students and had made us proud by maintaining very high standards and quality. Thanking you and looking forward to a quality education environment in and around us.

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