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Message To Parents​

Dear parents ,

Due to covid-19 the majority of children are learning remotely .motivating your children during learning in central of their success. Motivation means ensuring they are interested ,involved and confident in their learning . As a parent you have an important role to play by providing your children with encouragement and feedback.

Here are somethings you can do:-

  1. Dialogue with your children and discuss their weekly learning schedule and assigned tasks.

  2. Set weekly goals with your children encourage them and celebrate their accomplishments.

  3. Establish a supportive learning environment at home and peer to peer support among siblings.

  4. Invite your children to share their ideas, challenge them by asking questions and their proposal .

  5. As they engage your children by participating in their learning and encouraging their creativity .

  6. Engage your children in topics they are interested in to customize their learning.

  7. Allow breaks during learning hours and ensure time for play and fun activities.

  8. Address their learning challenges support them in building on their strengths and assess their progression in a constructive.

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